Friday, 24 May 2013

Beans: Tea for Tu

Rewind Retrospective
Glass Size: 
1 was really good, instantly drinkable, the other was a bit too hot
Tasting Notes: 
Just a little bitter, the sugar was damp and hard to scoop(maybe poor storage)
Barista & Hardware: 
La San Marco machine

Lessons Leant:
Really love what they've done with the space. The decor is cute and vintage inspired without looking grungy. Its a hipster den without the elitism! Their selection of teas looks amazing, would love to try them out next time. The food wasn't presented in a particularly appetizing way - but its not really the draw card. If we're going to take any idea from tea for tu its their $3 coffee happy hour. We'd love to have something similar if it's sustainable...

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